Magic Carpet Theatre is pleased to offer dynamic performances through our Drama Ministry which brings Scripture to life in a refreshing, theatrical and powerful way. We invite you to discover and encounter Christ in a real, personal and memorable way through our unique style of theatre, as we open hearts to know and encounter Christ.

At His Feet

A powerful drama and experience of Scripture

that is relevant, holy and meaningful.


"My hands hurt because I was clapping so hard!"

– Student at Divine Child Elementary School

The Parable Project

We tell the stories of Jesus with our unique style

of theatre that is entertaining, holy & interactive.

Experience the presence of the Holy Spirit through this inspiring compilation of music, meditations and prayers that will allow you to experience Scripture in a fresh, new way.

"Your ministry unleashes the Gospel!

It takes it out of the binding of the book and puts it into people's lives."

– Fr. Leo Sabourin, St. Constance Parish

The Wedding Feast at Cana

A brand new scene that is now available! The re-telling of Jesus' first miracle through the eyes of the hostess, the server and his mother, Mary.