The Parable Project

We tell the stories of Jesus with our unique style

of theatre that is entertaining, holy & interactive.

The Wedding Feast at Cana

A brand new scene that is now available! The re-telling of Jesus' first miracle through the eyes of the hostess, the server and his mother, Mary.

Magic Carpet Theatre is pleased to offer dynamic performances through our Drama Ministry which brings Scripture to life in a refreshing, theatrical and powerful way. We invite you to discover and encounter Christ in a real, personal and memorable way through our unique style of theatre, as we open hearts to know and encounter Christ.

"My hands hurt because I was clapping so hard!"

– Student at Divine Child Elementary School

"Your ministry unleashes the Gospel!

It takes it out of the binding of the book and puts it into people's lives."

– Fr. Leo Sabourin, St. Constance Parish

At His Feet, Women in Scripture CD

Experience the presence of the Holy Spirit through this inspiring compilation of music, meditations and prayers that will allow you to experience Scripture in a fresh, new way.

At His Feet

A powerful drama and experience of Scripture

that is relevant, holy and meaningful.