​​"It is a great joy to share the gifts God has given us to serve Him. Theatre is a powerful tool to draw people to Christ  because they experience Scripture in a personal way ... through their senses."

our mission

Jesus knew the power of a good story and this ministry shares his stories via theatre to help audiences have a joyful, creative and powerful interaction with Scripture. Drama Ministry engages the imagination, helping people experience Scripture in a fresh way. Using humor, improvisation and audience participation The Parable Project shows present Jesus’ parables in a way that is fresh, fun, and holy. Through dramatic scenes and music, At His Feet, Women in Scripture, helps people relate to real characters from the Bible who were transformed by forgiveness, healing, and the merciful love of Christ. Drama Ministry uses theatre to proclaim the Living Word and helps people have a personal encounter with Jesus.

Performing the stories of Jesus and bringing Scripture to life in the hearts of His people.

Catherine Zardus

Founder &

Artistic Director


Magic Carpet Theatre has been promoting literacy to children since 1991, and in 2008, added the Drama Ministry.  Their first show, The Parable Project, originally intended for children, became very popular with audiences of all ages.  So much so, that eventually a second show of parables was added, The Parable Project: Take Two! Their third show, At His Feet, Women in Scripture, designed for adults, was initially written and performed for the Catholic Women’s Conference in Detroit, in 2011, and began visiting churches about a year later with added scenes, original music, and reflections. Thousands of people have been impacted by participating in one of the Drama Ministry shows. Our desire is to offer these shows to all those thirsting for a personal relationship with Christ, and to present each as a beautiful and tasteful piece of gospel art. Please pray for Magic Carpet Theatre’s Drama Ministry as they begin their fourteenth season of proclaiming the Living Word of God.